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Milestones – a short overview

In 2016 we celebrated 25 years of action. On this occasion we present some important milestones.


Our Cetacean Survey Team is founded

In November 2016, the brothers Nikos and Dimos Pipinis, cetacean specialists (whales and dolphins), became our newest members: they now form our specialized Cetacean Survey Team.


The NGO «Pro Archipelagos» is founded in Switzerland

In 2016, the NGO «Pro Archipelagos» was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, to provide organizational and financial support to Archipelagos.

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Archipelagos – Italia is founded in Venice, Italy

In early summer 2015, a new ‘sister’ NGO under the name «Archipelagos – ambiente e sviluppo, Italia» was founded in Venice, Italy. The main aim is close co-operation in issues of common interest at the mediterranean level.


A series of talks in Switzerland – a fruitful co-operation starts

In March 2014, a talk about the activities of Archipelagos was organized in a room of the University of Zurich under the auspices of the Association of Greek Scientists in Switzerland (and especially of its president, Ms. Liana Fries-Bobou). The event was a great success and was the beginning of a fruitful co-operation with our friends in Switzerland; this eventually lead to the founding of the NGO «Pro Archipelagos» and to the organization of talks with various subjects every year.


International co-operation – we register the marine caves of Montenegro

In September 2013, in association with Dr Vesna Mačić from the public Institute of Marine Biology, Mr. Dušan Varda of the local NGO ΜΚΟ MedCEM, and Dr Luigi Bundone, founder of Archipelagos – Italia, we recorded all marine caves with an entrance at sea level along the northern coast of Montenegro. The aim was to contribute to the creation of a Cave Cataster in Montenegro and to promote the protection of these fragile habitats.

Ιn 2014 and 2015, we completed our survey of marine caves along the entire coastline of the country. The mission was a great success and numerous articles were published in the local media.


Co-operation with the Hellenic Center of Marine Research, Greece

In 2009, we began our co-operation with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR) by participating in a study on endangered molluscs offered in restaurants. Later, we contributed to studies on Marine Spatial Planning within the framework of a multinational research programme. Our co-operation continues to the present time.


Archipelagos Central Greece is founded

In 2003, an independent ´sister´organization was founded by 5 original members and by new members under the same name but with the geographic suffix «Central Greece». Our aim was to enlarge our activities and to maintain better contacts and co-operation with the central authorities.


Pilot project on monk seal damage to fish catch and gear

In November 1997, we recorded for the first time ever qualitative and quantitative data on damage to fishing gear caused by monk seals. By fishing ourselves in NE Zakynthos with a new, undamaged net we registered what species the seals had eaten and how much this lost catch represented in terms of a fisher´s income.


We create the first guides for walking trails in Kefalonia and Ithaca

We issued the first selfguided walking trails for Kefalonia in the area of the Lourdata village and for Ithaca in the area of Mt. Roussano. Already by the next year we had to re-issue these guides because demand was so great.


Archipelagos is founded

In 1991, the NGO Archipelagos was founded in its first form under the name «Archipelagos – marine and coastal management». Some years later, the NGO was given its present name: «Archipelagos – environment and development».